Tim Hortons Coffee and Donuts near Northland Kansas City?

 In Excelsior Springs Missouri, Gladstone Missouri, Kansas City Missouri, Kearney Missouri, Liberty Missouri, Smithville Missouri

Tim Hortons has become a fixture in many Canadian and northeastern American cities. It is known for it’s coffee and donuts and is similar to a Dunkin’ Donuts, even though they would probably say they are very different from Dunkin’.

It appears that they are putting a Tim Hortons coffee and donuts near Northland Kansas City, at least it’s close compared to having to travel to Canada. According to recent reports it will be located in Blue Springs on Woods Chapel Rd in an old Burger King.

The introduction of Tim Hortons to the Kansas City area will bring a different flavor to local coffee and donut lovers. With its wide variety of beverages, from classic coffees to specialty lattes, Tim Hortons could provide people with a new go-to spot for their caffeine fix. The close availability of enjoying Timbits and other things they offer will appeal to people who have either enjoyed Tim Horton’s in other areas or are just wanting to try something new.

Even though some people might be excited about it, there are also potential downsides. One concern is the impact on local, independent coffee shops. With the arrival of a major chain like Tim Hortons, smaller businesses may struggle to compete leading to closures and loss of diversity in the market.

The specialty coffee shops might not be a direct competitor since people who are very into coffee probably won’t consider Tim Hortons as a true coffee shop, but casual customers of those places and especially other donut shops customers might make the switch.

We know that a coffee and donut shop in Blue Springs probably won’t impact daily business in the Northland too much, but if it expands there might be a chance we could have one show up in this area too. But, if you are a fan of this company this is good news even if it’s just for an occasional visit.

Here are a couple of local news articles with more specific information.

FOX4 – Tim Hortons targets Blue Springs for Timbits, coffee and more

KCTV5 – Tim Hortons, popular Canadian donut and coffee shop, to open in Blue Springs

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