Starbucks on EVERY Corner or just ONE?

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It seems like there are Starbucks everywhere on every corner. Sometimes Starbucks are literally right across the street from each other! Somehow then not only stay in business, they succeed.

The Kim Komando Show posted a video from the Food Insider showing Italy’s ONLY Starbucks. It is a Roastery. It is massive. It really is an amazing coffee shop. Even though our local Northland Kansas City area Starbucks and other Coffee Shops like Over Flow Coffee House in Liberty are very nice, this shop is completely different.

Check out the YouTube Video and the post link from the Kim Komando Show below.

LINK >> Inside Italy’s Only Starbucks – Kim Komando Show

  • Christy Sharp

    Wow! This is so interesting. Thanks for mentioning Over Flow Coffee House. We may be small in comparison but we love being a part of the Northland coffee community!

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