Internet Exchange Areas – Kansas City Police Department & Clay County Sheriff’s Office

 In Clay County Missouri, Kansas City Missouri

If you have used Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace you know the challenge of finding a safe drop off zone to make the exchange.
There have been many stories of exchanges gone wrong.

The least problematic of the stories involve someone getting ripped off. People have tried to wrap up paper in a smaller bill to make it look like there was a wad of money, but in reality there was just one or two bills and paper wrapped inside. Some try to negotiate the price after you show it to them and try not to pay what you agreed on in advance.

But, there are many more dangerous situations. It seems far fetched but people have been kidnapped and worse just trying to sell some of their old stuff.

Sometimes there are situations where you would have to have the buyer come to your house to look at the item. This would be the case if you were selling a hot tub or a vehicle that does not run.

This is not a good idea, but some items are not easy to transport. But, for most items being sold on Craigslist and Facebook they are able to be transported to an exchange location.

Many people choose QuikTrip convenience stores. That is a better option than a back alley and they are very good at monitoring their stores with cameras. But, you are still somewhat on your own if something were to happen.

It is a good idea to take at least one other person with you, but that still does not guarantee that you could be walking into a potentially dangerous situation.

The Kansas City Police Department and Clay Count Sheriff’s Office have set designated Internet Exchange areas to offer safer zones for making these internet based transactions where you do not know the buyer or seller.

Both have setup signage near their stations in the parking areas to help direct you to the right place when making the exchanges. They are encouraging you to use these whenever possible to help these transactions become safer and go more smoothly.

If someone does not want to meet you at a Police Station that may be a sign that you do not want to do business with them. They may even come up with an excuse that sounds legitimate, but this could still be a red flag.

If you are not near one of the Kansas City Patrol Division Stations or the Clay County Sheriff’s Office area you can check directly with a Police Station near you to check out options close to you.

Check out the links below for more details.

LINK >> Police Station Parking Lots Designated Internet Exchange Area from Kansas City Missouri Police Department

LINK >> Safe Online Exchange Zone Open from Gladstone Dispatch

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