Jesse James Bank Museum

 In Clay County Missouri, Liberty Missouri

The Jesse James Bank Museum is the location of the first successful daylight peacetime bank robbery in United States history, and it’s located right here in the Northland!

On February 13th, 1866, a band of robbers raided the bank. While they were never caught, the crime has always been linked to the James Gang, led by Jesse James himself.

You can see what the bank was like on the day of the robbery through the eyes of a bank teller by visiting the Jesse James Bank Museum in Liberty, Missouri. Authentic documents, photographs, and furnishings are placed all throughout the museum, including a Seth Thomas clock (one of only two in existence) that is still set for the exact date and time of the robbery.

The bank is located in the heart of downtown Liberty, home to many other historic sites such as the Clay County Courthouse, William Jewell University, the Historic Liberty Jail, and much more! Hours of operation and price of admission, along with other information, can be found at the link below.


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