How to Report a Barking Dog in the Northland

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Finally, you have fallen asleep. Just as everything gets quiet you hear a very loud barking dog somewhere in your neighborhood.

Of course, most of the time we would give our neighbors some slack.

We all know that a dog is a dog. Dogs need to be let out in the backyard. Dogs need to be walked. Sometimes dogs see squirrels. And yes, sometimes dogs get loose and have to be found and caught.

So most of the time we would give our neighbors a break and give them time to get their dog back inside or calmed down.

But, there are times when it gets too much. Or, there are some owners who just don’t care and are leaving their dogs that continuously bark out either overnight or while they are away at work or even a vacation.

What do you do?

It definitely comes down to a judgment call as to what level you want to take it to, but there are steps you can take.

Here are some links with information from area cities that have steps you can take so that you can know how to report a barking dog in the Northland area.


Excelsior Springs




Kansas City

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