Diggers Liquidators $5 Bin Store has changed locations

 In Clay County Missouri, Excelsior Springs Missouri, Local Business Info

“Diggers” Bin Store has a unique quality that sets them apart from other local businesses. Formerly named the “It’s $5 Store”, they used to be a part of a larger group of stores. Many of the other stores have rebranded to another name and business model, but Diggers has kept a very good discount buying model for the most part while expanding some larger items to a higher price, but you are still getting a great deal.

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Diggers has received shipments from major corporations like Amazon of opened or returned products, and they resell those items at an extremely reduced price.

They have a systematic weekly process to their growing success. Almost every week there is a fresh stock of products. For the most part every day has a different deal. As the stock gets lower during the week leading up to the restock the deals get better for the products that are left from earlier in the week. Nearly every day is a different deal and discount.

There are also other systems they have in place like restocking more merchandise in the middle of the day and even closing down the store for a brief period of time during the day to restock. After they do a restock during the middle of the day, you typically get in line again for when they reopen.

The types of items you will find varies from week to week. Plus, at least in the past, there has been a process that you have to go through to get a number and get in line especially on Saturdays. Take a minute before you go and visit the Facebook page so that you can know what type of items will be available that week and to ask questions on the Facebook page.

Diggers Bin Store – Harrisonville, MO
Facebook Page: Diggers Bin Store Facebook
1205 S Commercial St, Harrisonville, MO 64701
(816) 848-5020

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